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Auto A/C Serivce in Willow Glen, San Jose

Hot weather is upon us, so it's high time to get your  a/c system serviced. If it is not providing you with all the cold air you want, it's time to visit Alvin's Auto Center for an a/c service and repair, if needed. The system will not get better by itself- it can only get worse with time - and the summer has not even started!  

Transmission Fluid Change in Willow Glen San Jose

Transmission fluid change is not required as often as the brake fluid change, but it is very important for your vehicle’s longevity. Regular transmission fluid change extends the life of your vehicle’s transmission, and keeps you from having to incur the expense of transmission replacement. Transmission fluid lubricates and cools your vehicle’s transmission, and it also picks up debris that naturally occur when multiple parts work together. Transmission fluid replacement removes these debris when the fluid is drained out. Fresh transmission fluid has better lubricating capacity and carries none of the debris that could cause accelerated transmission wear. If your vehicle’s transmission has a transmission fluid filter, we replace the filter as well. Transmission fluid filters provide addition protection, but not all transmission designs include a fluid filter.   The rule of thumb says that transmission fluid change should be performed every 30,000 to ... read more

February 2024 Update Catalytic Converter Replacement in Willow Glen, San Jose

At Alvin’s Auto Center in Willow Glen we provide wide range of automotive repairs, including catalytic converter replacement. Fortunately, since catalytic converters have no moving parts, they rarely brake down of their own accord. However, when they do, the repair can be delayed due to parts availability. Availability of catalytic converters used to be limited due to supply chain issues and large demand caused by catalytic converter thefts.  Fortunately, the thefts have subsided a bit – those catalytic converter shields we offer must be doing some good. Supply chain issues have become less of a problem as well. As a result, recently we have been able to perform catalytic converter replacements with no time delays due to parts availability. Naturally all work performed by our technicians, who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), is covered by our 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty. We also offer free towing within 10 miles o ... read more