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Brake Fluid Change in Willow Glen, San Jose

brake fluid

At Alvin’s Auto Center we highly recommend regular brake fluid change, sometimes referred to as brake fluid flush. This is one of the services, in addition to the regular oil service, that will keep your car functioning well for a long time, and save you many costly repairs.

Why does your vehicle need brake fluid change?

The major reason for brake fluid change is not that the brake fluid gets old (although it does, and anti-corrosive additives get depleted). The main reason is that brake fluid is highly hygroscopic. The word “hygroscopic” means that brake fluid absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment, including directly from the air. As the water content of the brake fluid increase, it can damage other parts of the brake system.

Moreover, as the water content of the brake fluid reaches about 3%, it can lower boiling point of the brake fluid by about 100 degrees. Why does it matter? Because very high temperatures are generated during braking, and the moisture in the brake fluid may boil off, resulting in decreased stopping ability.

How often should I ask for brake fluid change?

Most manufacturers recommend brake fluid change (aka brake fluid flush) every 24,000 – 36,000 miles. With normal driving, this amounts to once every 2-3 years – but if you drive a lot, the time interval may be shorter. It’s best to check your Owner’s Manual.

You can also ask your friendly auto repair shop to test the brake fluid – at Alvin’s Auto Center we offer water content testing of the brake fluid, along with a visual inspection to see if there are visible impurities in the fluid.

So if your vehicle has not had a brake fluid change recently, let us know next time you bring it in for oil service. We can test the brake fluid and perform brake fluid change (if needed) along with the oil service during the same visit. All work performed at our Willow Glen, San Jose auto repair shop is warrantied for 24 months / 24,000 miles.

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