Toyota Maintenance and Repair in San Jose | Alvin's Auto CenterToyota Maintenance and Repair in Willow Glen, San Jose

At Alvin’s Auto Center we are big fans of Toyota vehicles. We offer comprehensive Toyota maintenance and repairs in Willow Glen, San Jose. Our technicians are highly trained, and they use state-of-the-art digital tools to diagnose and repair your Toyota.

When your vehicle is brought to Alvin’s Auto Center, you can expect to find friendly staff and friendly environment for you and your vehicle:

  • Children friendly, clean office   
  • Use of Original Equipment quality parts
  • Local free towing (10 mile radius around the shop)
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection
  • In most cases, same day service or repair completion
  • 2 years / 24,000 miles warranty

Our Willow Glen, San Jose auto repair shop offers broad range of Toyota repairs, and it works on most Toyota models currently on our roads:

Toyota Corolla: The Toyota Corolla is a compact that can be seen all around the Bay Area. One of the most popular cars on the road, it has been around for decades.  There are some model years to watch out for: 2009 Corolla suffered from engine problems and cooling system problems (and cooling system problems can damage the engine). The 2010 model had reports of grinding sound from brakes, and 2014 had interior accessories problems, but most other model years have few problems reported.

Toyota RAV4: The RAV4 is Toyota's compact crossover SUV. One of the all-time best sellers, it is also prevalent on Bay Area roads. It is powerful, versatile, and offers very good fuel economy, as well as Toyota reliability. While 2002 version had transmission problems and some owners reported engine control module failure, and the 2007 RAV4 reported excessive oil consumption, newer model owners tend to report few problems.

Toyota Sequoia: Toyota's full-size SUV that combines power and stability, along with plenty of room for the entire family. 2002 Sequoia owners reported interior accessory problems, and some transmission issues. 2003 model owners had to deal with electrical system problems, but the newer models report very few issues.

Toyota 4Runner: This Toyota is a midsize SUV that can tow up to 5,000 pounds. It combines power, performance reliability and comfort. Some model years are prone to interior accessories issues, like the 2015 4Runner. It can also suffer from electrical issues, like the 2014 model which had reports of auto door locks not working.

Toyota Land Cruiser: The Toyota Land Cruiser has been around for a long time. It combines power and luxury. We offer full range of Land Cruiser maintenance and repairs. There are a few well known Land Cruiser problems:  2011 Land Cruiser owners reported sporadic engine problems, and 2016 model owners spoke of transmission issues – rough shifting. But overall Toyota Land Cruiser owners report very few problems.

Toyota Tacoma: Tacoma combines power and Toyota’s legendary quality to provide one of the best resale values of any vehicle in the US. We offer full range of Toyota Tacoma repairs, even though it is likely that most of the work will be simple maintenance. Still there were some model years that may require special attention: 2009 Toyota Tacoma had interior accessories and lights problems, while 2016 model had a really bad year – it had both transmission and engine problems. 2017 Tacoma also had transmission problems, but subsequent models report few issues.

Toyota Tundra: A full size pickup truck that is known for its durability, resilience and toughness. We offer Tundra maintenance and repairs, particularly if you own 2007 Tundra which suffered from variety of engine problems, while 2008 model had interior accessory and electrical system issues. 2012 Tundra had exhaust system problems, but more recent model owners report few problems.

Toyota Yaris: Toyota's least expensive subcompact vehicle that is available as a sedan or a hatchback, and offers very respectable mileage. Yaris had only two really bad years: 2007 Yaris had ac heater problems, while 2008 model owners reported some electrical issue. Most other model years have very few problem reports.

Toyota Prius: The Prius was the first mass produced hybrid vehicle. It has been a fixture on Bay Area roads for almost two decades. Roomy inside, and with 50 mpg, it’s a very reliable vehicle. We routinely see Prius lasting 250,000 or even 300,000 miles. Most work we perform on Priuses is maintenance – they just don’t break down much. However, all Prius vehicles are known for excessive oil consumption, so frequent engine oil level checks are highly recommended.

And all Prius Gen 2 vehicles are targets of catalytic converter thieves. We recommend installing a catalytic converter shield to avoid very expensive repairs.

Toyota Camry: This full sized sedan combines legendary Toyota quality with comfortable ride and roomy interior. 2007 Camry had problems with excessive oil consumption, and had issues with ABS brake light coming on. 2009 model also had issues with excessive engine oil consumption, as well as dashboard melting (yes, melting). Fortunately more recent model owners report few problems.

Toyota Sienna: This family friendly minivan manufactured in the United States. For years Sienna was the only currently produced minivan in its class that offered AWD. Problems with Sienna are few, while 2006 Sienna had interior accessories problems, and the 2007 model had transmission issues, overall the newer Sienna models have few problems reported.

Toyota Highlander: In production for over 20 years, Toyota Highlander is a mid-sized crossover SUV.  Roomy and powerful, it can carry entire family, or a bunch of friends, to many adventures. Highlander has had two really bad model years: 2008 suffered from engine problems and had interior accessory problems. 2015 model year had plenty of interior accessory problems as well.

Toyota Matrix:    A sporty hatchback derived from Corolla, Matrix can still be seen on the Bay Area roads. The only consistent problem that plagued Toyota Matrix was excessive oil consumption.         

Toyota Avalon: Avalon sedan provides a comfortable ride, and roomy interior. Early models of Avalon, in particular 2006 and 2007 models had serious issues with oil leaks, sometimes resulting in engine replacement, while 2008 model could suffer from headlights turning off randomly. But more recent versions of Avalon seem to have left these problems behind.

Toyota Venza:  This mid-sized crossover SUV is gaining fans across the Bay Area. Size wise it’s more roomy than the Camry sedan, but not as large as a Highlander. So you get the room without the bulk of a really large vehicle. 2009 Venza had steering system problems – it rattled, and it tended to pull to one side. 2010 model had problems with brakes – apparently rotors required replacement much sooner than one would expect.  

Toyota manufactures vehicles that are known for their superb quality. At Alvin’s Auto Center in Willow Glen we can provide maintenance services and repairs for any Toyota you might own. From factory recommended maintenance, to check engine light diagnostics, to major engine repairs, you can trust our mechanics to take great care of your Toyota.

If you provide your Toyota with regular maintenance, it will reward you with years of faithful service. Call us today to schedule an appointment, or setup an appointment online.