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Brake Rotors Resurfacing and Replacement in Willow Glen, San Jose

Brake Rotors Resurfacing and Replacement in San Jose | Alvin's Auto Center

Welcome to Alvin’s Auto Center, the premier Willow Glen, San Jose auto repair shop that offers broad range of services and repairs, including brake rotor resurfacing and replacement.

Rotors are the integral part of the braking system – they are attached to wheels, and when the brake pedal is pressed, brake pads press against rotors and resulting friction slows down the vehicle.

As the brakes are used repeatedly, this friction causes brake components to wear down – not just the brake pads, but rotors as well. Naturally rotors wear down more slowly than brake pads, but eventually they will reach a point where they are worn down and warped, and will require repairs. When they get to that stage, often you will feel vibration or shaking while braking, particularly when going downhill.

In the olden days, most rotors could be resurfaced. Technicians would take off a layer of metal to make rotors smooth again. This was possible because rotors were thick and taking off a layer would not impact structural integrity of the rotors.

Unfortunately, when governments throughout the world mandated higher mileage standards, vehicle manufacturers went to great lengths to lighten the weight of cars, so brake rotors were seriously slimmed down. As a result, most modern rotors should not be resurfaced because the remaining rotor will be too thin to properly serve its function. Modern brake rotors should be replaced.

While rotor replacement is more expensive than resurfacing, labor costs in the Bay Area have risen so much that the price difference between resurfacing rotors and buying new rotors is not as great as it used to be. Furthermore, you do get factory made, brand new rotors, so there is added value to the higher price.

Signs that brake rotors need professional attention:

The easiest way to spot potential rotor issue is when driving – if you feel vibration or pulsation when applying brakes, it’s time to see your friendly mechanic.

Other singe are blue discoloration of the rotor surface, as well as grooves or hot spots in rotors.

What happens during brake rotor replacement:

Typically the brake rotors will be replaced at the same time as brake pads and they are also replaced in pairs, just like brake pads – either front rotors, or rear rotors. First thing, we inspect the rotors and let you know if they need replacement.

While we are working on the rotor replacement, we also check other parts of the braking system, making sure they are in proper condition. If we find anything that would cause concern, we will let you know. During the inspection and rotor replacement, we also lubricate brake system components, check calipers, top-off brake fluid, if necessary, and test the quality of the brake fluid ( brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, so it should be regularly tested an replaced when water content gets to high).

Once rotors are replaced and other components are checked, we put back the wheels and we perform the final test – we take your car for a drive so we can test the brake system under real world conditions.

So if you have any questions or concerns about your car’s brakes – rotors or other parts, do not hesitate to contact Alvin’s Auto Center. Brakes are vital to your safety, so if anything is amiss, have them checked out by a professional.

For your convenience we offer online appointments, or simply call the shop and our friendly service advisor will be happy to make an appointment for you.