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Catalytic Converter Replacement in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA

At Alvin’s Auto Center we offer complete range of automotive maintenance services and repairs in Willow Glenn, San Jose, CA. Catalytic converter replacement is one of the services we offer.

Catalytic converter replacement used to be a fairly rare event, since catalytic converters have no moving parts. There are various ways they can get damaged, but if you keep your vehicle well maintained, chances are the catalytic converter will last for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, over the last few years the increase in the prices of precious metals that are used to construct catalytic converters made them prime targets for theft. As the prices of platinum, palladium and rhodium increased, thieves realized that stealing catalytic converters could bring in plenty of money with little risk of being caught.

As a result our shop has been performing frequent catalytic converter replacement – not of failed catalytic converters, but because they were stolen. While Toyota Prius, particularly Prius Gen 2, and Honda Element are the main targets, thieves are now stealing catalytic converters from other Toyotas, Nissans, Fords, even school buses.

The purpose of a catalytic converter is to clean up emission gases before they come out of the exhaust pipe. Among other things, it splits polluting molecules into simpler, less harmful substances – water vapor, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Precious metals – rhodium, palladium, platinum – are used as catalysts - they speed up the processes. They are the target of the thieves.

Catalytic converter replacement is a straightforward repair if we are dealing with a simple catalytic converter failure. If the catalytic converter was stolen, it becomes more complicated, since thieves usually damage other components, particularly the oxygen sensor. Fortunately, our nationally ASE certified technicians can inspect your vehicle and get if fixed regardless of the extent of the damage.

What you may experience when catalytic converter fails:

  1. Engine may misfire
  2. Check engine light will be illuminated
  3. Car engine may be running rough
  4. Loss of power

If your car exhibits any of the above symptoms, bring it to our San Jose auto repair shop for a checkup. These symptoms can signify many other problems, so professional car inspection is necessary.

At Alvin’s Auto Center we will also provide your vehicle with a digital vehicle inspection, and will send you an electronic copy of the results for your records. If the catalytic converter was stolen, it’s likely other components were damaged in the process, so we will advise you what else needs to be replaced and the cost. We are happy to work with your insurance company throughout the repair.

So if you turn on your car and hear the roar that signifies that the catalytic converter is gone, or if the converter is failing, bring your vehicle to our San Jose auto repair shop. We offer friendly atmosphere, clean, modern office, and you can also expect:  

  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty on all repairs
  • In most cases, same day service completion
  • Free towing within 10 miles of the shop.
  • Clean, child-friendly office

So if catalytic converter problems are on your mind, bring your vehicle to Alvin’s Auto Center in Willow Glen, San Jose. Our service advisor will welcome you while our highly experienced technicians will take really good care of your car. We offer convenient online appointments on our website, or simply call us at the shop – we are happy to be of service.