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Catalytic Converter Shield Installation in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA

Our San Jose auto repair shop offers catalytic converter shield installation in response to the epidemic of catalytic converter theft. Alvin’s Auto Center can install catalytic converter shield to discourage thieves from targeting your vehicle, and leaving you with an expensive repair.

High prices of palladium, platinum and rhodium made catalytic converter theft profitable. Catalytic converter theft is a pretty safe crime as well – thieves don’t have to confront owners, they can do it in the dark, and a highly skilled thief needs only 2 minutes to steal a catalytic converter. Passenger cars, vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, even school buses have been targets of catalytic converter thieves.

The shield we install at our San Jose auto repair shop makes it much more difficult to steal a catalytic converter, it also increases the time it takes to steal one, and it makes it a much noisier endeavor. As a result, upon seeing the catalytic converter shield (aka cat shield), the thief is likely to look for an easier target.

We offer model-specific catalytic converter shields, as well as “universal” shields – depending on your specific make and model. Catalytic converter shield installation can be done fairly quickly, so you can drop off your car in the morning, and pick it up in the afternoon with the shield installed.

As long as the prices of precious metals remain high, catalytic converter thefts are not likely to slow down, especially that it can be done fast and under cover of darkness, so chances of being caught are minimal.

Alvin’s Auto Center keeps on top of the latest developments in catalytic converter theft protection - we offer latest in catalytic converter shields. If you decide not to have one installed, we recommend parking your car inside your garage, especially at night.  

If you are concerned about catalytic converter theft, call Alvin’s Auto Center in Willow Glen, San Jose, to schedule an appointment. We can explain your options on the phone, and make an appointment for a time that’s convenient for you.