Brake Repair in Willow Glen, San Jose

Does your vehicle need brake repair? Alvin’s Auto Center offers full range of brake repair at our auto repair shop in Willow Glen, San Jose. Whether your vehicle needs new brake pads, rotor replacement, brake line repair, brake shoe replacement, new brake drums, brake fluid testing or brake fluid exchange (aka brake fluid flush), or the ABS warning light is on, bring it to our Willow Glen facility, and we will take great care of your vehicle.

Brakes are vital to your safety, so it is important to pay attention to any clues your vehicle might offer: if your vehicle turned on brake warning light, or the brakes are squealing when braking, or the car pulls to one side during braking, or the brake pedal vibrates while braking – these are all sings that your vehicle needs help from a professional.

When you bring your vehicle to Alvin’s Auto Center for brake repair we thoroughly test your vehicle so we know exactly what needs to be repaired. We not only visually inspect the braking system, but also measure thickness of brake pads ( most manufacturers recommend that brake pads be replaced once they wear down to 1 – 4 mm), and test the brake fluid (brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air – if moisture content becomes too high, it can cause damage to parts of the braking system).

Once we know exactly what needs to be done, we will let you know and once you authorize the repairs, we will get your vehicle fixed and back on the road.

For your peace of mind, all repairs performed at our Willow Glen, San Jose facility are backed by 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty. So next time your vehicle indicates that brake repair is in order, or if you are at all uncomfortable about how your vehicle’s brakes are performing, schedule an appointment with Alvin’s Auto Center. You can setup an appointment online, or simply call us at the shop.